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Study Quechua in Peru with Proyecto Peru. Quechua is a native language that is widely spoken in the Andes and the official language of the old Inca empire. In South America about 10 million people speak Quechua, the majority living in Peru. In Peru Quechua is an official language. There is a variety in dialects, but the Quechua spoken in Cusco is the most important.

We teach Quechua in Cusco, “Qosqo” in Quechua. In the region of Cusco until today a lot of people speak Quechua. In Cusco and the other bigger cities of Peru Spanish is the dominant language. But if you are going to work, volunteer work or travel on the countryside of Peru it can be very useful to speak a little Quechua.

We offer the lessons of Quechua with a private teacher. This is possible for beginners, but also for advanced speakers. You can take classes by the hour, or take our 15 hour program (3 hours per day). Because every student has its specific reasons and needs to study Quechua, we recommend you to ask us about the possibilities. Also ask us about our possibilities and prices if you are coming in a group.

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