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1 - What kind of programs are available?

You can get involved in child care & orphanage, teaching in schools & medical projects. We offer kindergarten and after-school programs, projects with health care and working with elderly people. We have many possibilities in the social, educational and medical field. But there are also possibilities to help social organizations in Cusco with their marketing, website, communications, organization or fund raising.

2 - How long do volunteer placements last?

Most of the projects we work with ask for a minimum commitment of 4 consecutive weeks. Shorter periods can sometimes be done as an exception, but beware that the projects need people who stay a longer time. For the children in the social projects it is not a good thing to see to many different faces all the time. Most volunteers stay for between two and three months, and various stay up to half a year. If you are planning to do volunteer work for at least 3 months, it is possible to have a placement in different projects.

3 - When can I start? When should I apply?

You choose when your placement starts and finishes. Placements run all year. During school holidays, we sometimes organize community projects. There are no strict deadlines for application. We generally need at least 2 months to comfortably process an application, but we like to receive your application as far in advance as possible - so please apply as soon as you've decided what you want to do so we can place you in the project of your preference. The longer the notice, the more effectively we can tailor a program to your interests and needs. If you decide to volunteer last minute, do give us a call to see how quickly we can arrange it for you.

4 - Can I volunteer together with my friend?

Friends are most welcome! If you like, we can arrange a volunteer placement, classes (if you have the same Spanish level) and accommodation for you together.

5 -What age are the volunteers with Proyecto Peru?

Volunteers are welcome between the ages of 16 and 77. Many of our volunteers are between 18 and 30 years old, but a rapidly increasing number of career breakers and retired people are now taking part too.

6 - What qualifications do I need?

Depending on the project in which you will work there can be some requirements. The required Spanish level differs in each project. Please write us for specific details.

7 - Do I need to speak Spanish to volunteer?

Yes, you need to speak (a little) Spanish to volunteer. The level differs per project. The requirement to join the volunteer program is to take a minimum of one week of standard program Spanish lessons, during which you will learn any technical vocabulary related to your placement. A longer Spanish program is strongly advised, especially if you are a beginner. In many projects it is not necessary to be fluent in Spanish, but a basic level is always required. If you don't speak a word of Spanish yet, we advise you to take at least 4 weeks of Spanish before your placement. In all the projects you will need to speak Spanish, English won't bring you far.

8 - What do I gain from this program?

The program is an excellent opportunity to combine foreign travel with a worthy job. You will gain experience that looks impressive on your CV or résumé. You will improve important human relation skills such as team-working, presenting and communicating. Above all, this is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into a completely different culture and way of life.

9 - What support will I have during my volunteering time?

During your volunteer placement you will have a supervisor at your place of work. If you have difficulty in your placement, if you want to gain extra experience in a certain area, or if you have any problems or requests, someone will be on hand to give you help and advice. Proyecto Peru has a volunteer coordinator you can always contact with any problems you might have.

10 - Can I extend my stay while overseas?

Extending your stay depends on visa requirements and flight restrictions. Most of the time we can be flexible with our programs. If you wish to extend your placement, just talk about your intentions with our staff and we will do our best to arrange it.

11 - How much does the volunteering cost?

We do not charge for the volunteer program. During your working time as a volunteer you should stay with one of our guest families or apartments and you pay for accommodation. A project donation can apply. If so, you do this directly to the project.