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1- What types of accommodation do we offer?

For a cultural experience, we recommend you a home stay with one of our guest families. The home stay program involves experiencing the culture of the people and has the advantage of enabling the student and volunteer to be completely immersed in the intensive use of Spanish at home as well as our culture, customs, and traditional hospitality. We also offer to stay in a hostal or apartment. In a shared apartment you will have your own room and will share the living room, bathroom and kitchen. We will be glad to help you to find accommodation that meets your needs.

2 - Is the school near to my family house?

The Spanish school of Proyecto Peru is located in the centre of Cusco. Some of our guest families are located in downtown Cusco, and are therefore within walking distance of the school. The majority of our guest families are living around the city centre and are within a short bus ride (usually not more than 10-20 minutes).

3 - Will I get my own key?

Yes. Your guest family will give you one and in an apartment you will have your own key as well.

4 - At what time do I need to return to the guest family?

You are free to come and go whenever you wish. It is always appreciated if you inform your host family about late returns, or meals that might be missed. Please also inform the family when you are off travelling so they don't worry.

5 - Will my host family take care of my laundry?

Laundry service is not included. In Cusco there are many laundry services. Your host will change your blankets and sheets every week. You can also ask at the reception of the Spanish school for the laundry service.

6 - What does an average room include?

An average room in apartment or guest family contains a bed, a desk, a chair, a closet and a desk lamp. Our families provide clean rooms and welcome you to share the family areas (living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen).

7 - Will I have my own bathroom with hot water?

The guest families we work with have warm water showers. Usually water is heated by an electric heating device which is part of the shower head. Some of the homes have a central hot water tank. Usually the bathroom will be shared with the family.

8 - How many students will stay with one family? Can I stay with my partner?

In some families, we can only place one student. We also have families that accommodate more than one student at a time. If you wish to stay with your partner or friend just inform us with booking your program and we will do our best to find an appropriate family for your home stay.

9 - Where can I make phone calls? Can I receive calls?

To make a phone call you can use the phone of your host family. Probably the best way is to buy a prepaid phone card (you can get them easily) and follow the instructions on the card. You can also use the card with one of the hundreds of public phones located all around the city. You can receive calls at your family's home. Generally the Internet is the best way to contact people at home; you can find lots of Internet cafés near your host families home.

Many students buy a pre-paid card for their mobile phone in Cusco. Simply bring your mobile phone from home and replace the chip card for the Peruvian one. This will make it possible to make phone calls with the local tariffs.

10 - Do I need to bring anything?

The apartments and guest families have all things included like bed linen. The only thing you need to bring are towels to shower, towels are not included.